Saturday, February 16, 2008

Got our pally, our shaman, and a hunter from the guild, and ransacked Old Hillsbrad. There was just a touch of drama as we had to reset the instance after the first boss(the shammy, for some buggy reason, didn't get credit for torching the barracks), but all in all it went pretty good. We had precisely one death in 1.3(with a bar over it) runs of the instance, and that was on the waves of dragonkin before Epoch Hunter(that'll teach him to hit something I'm not! Muah!). It was a good time, and didn't take too horrendously long, seeing as most of us were new to the instance or hadn't run it in forever and a day and a half.

Boots for the pally, shards for the hunter and Sharon, friendly for most of us(almost honored), revered for the hunter. Not a bad run, all in all. Would have liked to have seen my ring, but que sera sera.

In other news, I think Ive found a way to get me and Sharon both our epic flying mounts in around twenty days, with an investment of a couple hours a day. More on this later.


Ratshag said...

Well done. This were always me favorite instance.


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