Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas, Level 70 Elite

Christmas Countdown deals 1,000 stress damage to you.
Your Credit Card dealt 600 shopping damage to Christmas.
You have slain Christmas!

So, Christmas shopping is done, and we've got a tree(it's fake, which kills me, but it'll be better for Sharon who's allergic to the real thing, and beggars can't be choosers). Her son should be having a pretty awesome Christmas. Wii, sled, a few Wii games, Simpsons movie, Battlescape board game, iTunes giftcard, and some assorted sundries. Couldn't really afford to get much for ourselves aside from a new TV stand, but I'm of the opinion that it's more important that his Christmas be great.

So, on the WoW front, I hit BFD last night with a pug. I had forgotten why I hate pugs. But I remember now! Who the hell has loot drama at level 26? Seriously. It vendors for, like, 30 silver. Just chill. Also, there was an awesome exchange of two of the people in the group calling each other gay. Because of loot drama. I'm fairly sure none of them was old enough to buy smokes, nevermind drink. Goddamned blood elves, bringing the kiddies to the horde. ;P

On the positive side, I'm almost level 26 myself. That run got me just about a full level, plus I still have a quest to turn in that should ding me up to 26, and put me a little closer to Sharon's level(28). I'm looking forward to doing Gnomer in the next couple days, and then the awesomeness with a side of awesomesauce that is Scarlet Monastery. I can't wait. More good news to report next time, I hope.


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