Monday, December 24, 2007

The New Endgame

So, I was reading a post over at Blessing of Kings about how the endgame since pre-TBC has improved leaps and bounds for smaller guilds, and it's spot on. Those were dark days back then, when raiding consisted of 10 competent players and 30 half-afk button mashers downing bosses that took almost no strategy or skill in MC. Things got slightly better as new 40 man content was released, and the scene improved a bit with the release of 20 man raids, but it still left the smaller guilds that wanted progression without having to resort to ginvite spamming and trolling forums for new members. Dire Maul was a great addition, but sadly, it was the only one of it's type, and without new content it left 5 man and 10 man guilds with nowhere to progress except trying to field enough people for ZG and AQ20.

Nowadays, we have Kara and heroics to challenge the smaller guilds, and give them a path of content progression, and the release of Zul'Aman last month shows that Blizz cares about the smaller guilds, and providing content that more people can experience. As a casual raider, I have to say that really makes me confident with the way the game is going, and makes me question less whether or not I really want to drop the money for WotK. If things keep progressing like this, I definitely see myself staying with WoW for quite some time.



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