Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Sorry I've been so reticent in updating, lately, but I've been extremely busy as of late within the game. Seems I really meant my resolution to run more instances. Sunday afternoon/evening saw us running 5 instances. Arc keyfrag, SV keyfrag, BM, SV full, and Shattered Halls(god bless pally tanks). The last three of those, I healed, and actually did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. BM was death-free, and my first instance healed as resto. The full SV was pretty smooth, as was Shattered Halls, with only 1 wipe due to some overaggro, and the tank turning around to pick it up with 5 mobs behind him. Never seen a tank go from 80% to 20% that fast.

What I want to tell you all about, however, was the Shadow Lab run from the day before. Specifically, the fight against Blackheart the Inciter. We did SL with the same tank from SH, a paladin. We discovered something, in that instance. Blackheart the Inciter sucks for tanks that rely on mana. After about three wipes where our tank just could not hold the aggro after Time For Fun, we decided to try it with him throwing dps and offheals, and me strapping on my tanking gear. And it was the single most epic 5 man boss fight I have ever participated in.

Our group was me, the prot pally, a holy pally, Sharon, and an enhancement shaman. Within the first two minutes of the fight, the shaman and Sharon had died, I had thrown my innervate on the holy pally and combat rezzed Sharon. Two more minutes, Sharon is eating floor again, and it's just me, the hoyl pally, and the prot pally. They're both keeping me healed, and we're all beating on each other during time for fun. About six minutes into the fight, the holy pally dies, and now I'm really sweating. It's me and the prot pally healing me. Eight minutes in, I throw my innervate on him, the dps is trying to run back in but get MCed near pulls we didn't clear and die. Eight minutes in, my 2nd innervate of the fight goes to the prot pally, and I'm burning cooldowns and trinkets. Nine minutes in, the holy pally makes it back in, just in time to throw two or three heals and watch Blackheart the Inciter die of exhaustion after a brutal, epic, ten minute long fight. As rough as it was, it left me with a really good feeling. We got it done, we got some loot, and we eventually(after much issue with Vorpil, requiring the prot pally to bring his lock for extra dps) got our keyfrag.

The lesson learned? Don't ever assume it's a wipe, like we did about three minutes into that fight.



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