Monday, March 17, 2008

Name That Blog!

No, I'm not going to rattle off a few lines from Big Bear Butt or Need More Rage and make you guess which post it is. So, in my last post, I mentioned that Sharon and I are working to combine forces into a mega-blog juggernaut of death and mayhem. well, we've run into one small snag. We can't think of a name.

That's where you, my faithful readers, get to be used for our benefit! Did I say that out loud? Just post your ideas in the comments on this post, and one lucky winner will be chosen by a rabid squirrel(this guarantees randomness) to have named our blog! But wait, there's more! Okay, no, I lied, there isn't more.

So, our POV on this whole venture is twofold. We're coming from an angle of the jaded vet vs. the bright-eyed new player experiences and views of the game, and also the benefits and drawbacks of being in a relationship while playing the game together.

In all seriousness, we've been trying to come up with a name for the blog for the past two days, and we're just hitting a wall. we've come up with three names so far, but none of them really have quite what we're looking for; however, they should give you an idea of the type of name we're aiming for. Married to the Mobs(Sharon objects because we're not actually married yet), Love and Pwnage, and GuildMating.

Whoever does come up with a name we end up using will, of course, get full credit, as well as prominent linkage on the new site. Plus, you'd really be saving our creatively-challenged asses.


Vishero said...

Maybe something like "Does this bear make my butt look big"... what class is Sharon? I couldn't remember/find it...

Malfean said...

She plays a rogue(her blog is Rolled Yesterday, and on my blogroll for real this time!).

The name made us chuckle, but it's rather close to the name of a certain well-known rather petite Night Elf's blog. ;D

Tox said...

In all honesty I'd LOVE to see a blog called "Mega-Blog Juggernaut of Death and Mayhem." But that's just me and my twisted sense of humor. Plus it'd be incredibly hard to fit into the small space allowed for the entre-cards and whatnot...Good Luck with finding a name for it though, you've got my interest piqued.

Good Hunting,

Toner said...

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Drunken Dragon said...

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