Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Belated Update

Sorry for the delay in the update here, but been playing some catchup, and helping one of the people I grind levels with catch up to the rest of us. We've all got our mounts now(screenshot of me, Sharon, and the pally we roll with when I get home from work). We did a Scarlet Monastery run(the run that dinged our first person to 40), with a 39 lock, 36 pally, 38 rogue, 37 druid tanking(that's me!) and a 31 priest main healing. Yeah, 31. And we cleared all four instances with one wipe on a courtyard respawn after downing Doan, and one death for me after a bad cathedral pull. It looked like things were going to go south on Mograine before Whitemane came out, but we held it together(and Sharon learned why you don't open up on the boss when he's at 99%).

I've got my kodo, Sharon has her chicken, the lock has his felsteed, and the pally has his best damned mount in the game. I lust for blood elf pally mounts. Another spot of good news in all this is said level 31 priest. He's looking like an awesome addition to our little leveling team, and we're going to spend a bit of time playing catchup for him so we'll have a full instancing team good to go. I'm hoping, in the end, to have myself feral tanking, the pally holy main healing, Sharon dpsing(dur), the lock dpsing(dur), and the priest Shadow dpsing and offhealing. I figure that'd be an awesome group with crazy CC(seduce, banish, sap, shackle, hibernate) with the only thing missing being sheep. I can very easily live with that.



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