Wednesday, January 9, 2008


As promised, here's the SS of us mounted. This is me, Sharon, and the pally. I can't really get the picture to post right, so you'll have to click it. If any of you more experienced bloggers can enlighten me on how to post screenshots so they don't look, yanno, sucky, I'd appreciate it.



CresceNet said...
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Ratshag said...

Not sucky. Hmmm. I always run me pics through a photo editor and crank up the gamma to about 1.2 or so, so's they come out brighter. Also, I loads 'em direct from me hard drive to blogger, 'stead of photbucket or flickr. It would make the pic smaller, but it would avoid the cropping that yer getting. Lucks with it.

Malfean said...

Awesome, thanks man. I actually wasn't aware you could upload straight to blogger. The cropping is the suckiness I speak of. I can't stand how it just shows the very edge of the picture like that. I'll have to poke around at blogger some, see if I can't figure this thing out.


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