Sunday, January 20, 2008

My 70 Spec

So, I've been putting some thought into specs, and how I want to end up specced at endgame tanking, and I think I've come up with a spec that makes me happy. It's a bit unconventional, because I'm aiming for a spec that I can grind in as efficiently as possible. Here it is:

My Spec

You might have noticed that I have one point unspent. That is where you, dear readers, come into play. Well, there, and one other place. Where should I put this leftover point? I'm seeing four main options, although I'm open to suggestion.

Natural Shapeshifter
Handy for shift healing while grinding and pvp

Because rage = awesome

Feral Aggression
I don't get hit as hard, and my FB hits harder.

Nature's Grasp
For pvp.

The other thing is, am I missing anything really awesome? Is there anything I've taken that I should probably pass on? It seems like a pretty solid tanking build to me, but I may have overlooked something, and am hoping you guys can lend me a hand and be a second set of eyes for me.


Rick said...

I've "tagged" your blog randomly to play "Name 7 Celebrities You Have Met" or "Name 7 Weird Things About Yourself." It's just a goofy game and if things like this irritate you, please ignore me! Personally, I would have done that myself, but I was "tagged" by a friend and thought the topic would be fun.


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